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Medical Malpractice


Our office has represented successfully many clients, who have fallen victims to a medical malpractice by practitioners.

Unfortunately doctors and hospitals, tend to blur the picture of what had happened by saying to the victim patients that the injury or flaw was not the result of a medical malpractice, but rather a result of circumstances, such as genetics, sensitivity and other excuses, while blurring the fact that it was in fact a result of a medical malpractice.

One of the most difficult cases of medical malpractice that our office has treated is the case of a woman that arrived to the delivery room.

The Medical staff had connected the woman to a monitor, but unfortunately the embryo entered a state of an embryonic distress as a result of the umbilical cord being wrapped around the embryos neck. The embryo began to suffocate… instead of giving the woman and her baby an immediate medical treatment, the medical staff sent her to the waiting room, which resulted in the baby's suffocation that led to its death. After leaving the pregnant woman in the waiting room with the baby in distress for a while, the staff decided to move her to the delivery room and operate to take out the dead baby. A  CPR was done to the baby, and luckily the baby returned to life but with a cerebral palsy because its brain has been deprived from oxygen for a while which caused severe damage to brain cells.

After an extremely tiring move against the hospital and insurance company, our attorneys succeeded in proving that the newborn's disability was a result of a medical malpractice.

As a result our office won the case and the client received compensation of 6 million shekels from both the insurance company and the social security.

Hopefully, medical malpractice won't occur in the future, but if you or any of your acquaintances have been a victim to an inadequate treatment or medical malpractice, you are welcomed to contact us for a free consulting and guidance towards knowing your full rights.