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Foreign workers

Foreign workers

A foreign worker in Israel is a worker that has rights like any other worker.

The state of Israel has legislated rules and procedures that should take care of the foreign workers' matters in Israel.

There are many foreign workers in Israel that come from around the world to work in agriculture, construction, nursing, catering and restaurants, and other fields that are part of the economy of Israel.

Part of the rights/problems of the foreign workers in Israel is their stay period in Israel.

This extremely important issue is a cause of concern to many of the foreign workers because of the lack of proper implementation of the legal procedures or/and a lack of treatment by the responsible authorities. For the most cases, the management of this issue is done through an administrative plea or/and administrative appeal, as the case should require.

In addition to all that was said foreign employees have rights as any other employee in Israel, and any attempt to deprive the employee of any deserved right by the employer can be solved by approaching the legal system.