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Due to the amount of divorce files that our firm gets to treat, it's inevitable to ask, how did these couples end up in such a difficult situation, charged with negative emotions between them? And is there still a chance to save the relationship? Unfortunately in most cases, the answer would be no…and then we want to start handling these very emotional cases, charged with a lot of tension between the spouses, especially when minor kids are involved. Actually it's a mistaken thinking, it turned out that the case isn't easier even when adult children are involved!

Our firm treats divorce matters professionally and delicately.

The divorce process is accompanied with lots of other issues such as, child support, family violence, custody, and untying partnerships.

Each matter is taken care of professionally and strictly.

Our office handles divorce between couples of different religions: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Mixed marriages.

The office also deals with divorce and annulments of civil marriages.

Besides all that was mentioned other issues in family law are also handled by us, For example: signing divorce agreements, prenuptial, postnuptial agreements, joint ownership agreements, paternity tests and so on ….