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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

In many of the cases that we have treated so far, the charges have canceled and the defendant was proven innocent.

The legal proceeding defends the suspect and reserves his/her rights.

The bill of indictment is just the beginning, and if you believe that you are innocent ,and have not committed any crime, do not give up and keep fighting until you are proven not guilty.

Proving anyone is guilty isn't something obvious. Remember this and do not feel as a victim that must consent to everything. No matter where exactly you are standing right now, you still have rights, just do not give up!

 Indictment bill of murder, killing, robbery, and drug dealing are big titles and proving them isn't trivial at all, so you are innocent till proven otherwise.

The court isn't against you, but part of its job is to ensure that legal procedures take place that promises winning the case and proving the defendant is not guilty, in case that the prosecutor or the state fail to prove the defendant is guilty.

My best advice to my clients is that they should believe in them-selves and in the legal proceedings and the legal system.