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Residing in Israel

Status in Israel

Israeli Citizenship – Ministry of interior affairs:


Acquiring an Israeli Citizenship is a process that involves a lot of difficulties, knowing that there is more than one type of Visa that allows anyone to reside in Israel. Note that the institute in charge of granting Visas is in Israel is the Ministry of Interior Affairs.


Acquiring a Citizenship for an Israeli Citizen's spouse:


Our firm has a record of many successful cases in which a foreigner was granted a Visa and Israeli ID.

There are procedures set by the Ministry Of Interior Affairs. Following them will grant the candidate an Israeli Citizenship.

Each Citizen in Israel is allowed to live with his beloved that he/she solely chosen, even if his/her chosen one isn't an Israeli Citizen. For that, a procedure exists in which the person who isn't Israeli can obtain his/her Citizenship for being the spouse of an Israeli man/woman.

We have received lots of thank you letters from clients whom are couples that one of the spouses was granted the Israeli Citizenship following the charges filed by our clients and preceded by our attorneys. Many of these clients had families with children, friends and social lives.