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Foreign workers

Foreign workers

A foreign worker in Israel is a worker that has rights like any other worker.

The state of Israel has legislated rules and procedures that should take care of the foreign workers' matters in Israel.

There are many foreign workers in Israel that come from around the world to work in agriculture, construction, nursing, catering and restaurants, and other fields that are part of the economy of Israel.

Part of the rights/problems of the foreign workers in Israel is their stay period in Israel.

This extremely important issue is a cause of concern to many of the foreign workers because of the lack of proper implementation of the legal procedures or/and a lack of treatment by the responsible authorities. For the most cases, the management of this issue is done through an administrative plea or/and administrative appeal, as the case should require.

In addition to all that was said foreign employees have rights as any other employee in Israel, and any attempt to deprive the employee of any deserved right by the employer can be solved by approaching the legal system.

Residing in Israel

Status in Israel

Israeli Citizenship – Ministry of interior affairs:


Acquiring an Israeli Citizenship is a process that involves a lot of difficulties, knowing that there is more than one type of Visa that allows anyone to reside in Israel. Note that the institute in charge of granting Visas is in Israel is the Ministry of Interior Affairs.


Acquiring a Citizenship for an Israeli Citizen's spouse:


Our firm has a record of many successful cases in which a foreigner was granted a Visa and Israeli ID.

There are procedures set by the Ministry Of Interior Affairs. Following them will grant the candidate an Israeli Citizenship.

Each Citizen in Israel is allowed to live with his beloved that he/she solely chosen, even if his/her chosen one isn't an Israeli Citizen. For that, a procedure exists in which the person who isn't Israeli can obtain his/her Citizenship for being the spouse of an Israeli man/woman.

We have received lots of thank you letters from clients whom are couples that one of the spouses was granted the Israeli Citizenship following the charges filed by our clients and preceded by our attorneys. Many of these clients had families with children, friends and social lives.





Due to the amount of divorce files that our firm gets to treat, it's inevitable to ask, how did these couples end up in such a difficult situation, charged with negative emotions between them? And is there still a chance to save the relationship? Unfortunately in most cases, the answer would be no…and then we want to start handling these very emotional cases, charged with a lot of tension between the spouses, especially when minor kids are involved. Actually it's a mistaken thinking, it turned out that the case isn't easier even when adult children are involved!

Our firm treats divorce matters professionally and delicately.

The divorce process is accompanied with lots of other issues such as, child support, family violence, custody, and untying partnerships.

Each matter is taken care of professionally and strictly.

Our office handles divorce between couples of different religions: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Mixed marriages.

The office also deals with divorce and annulments of civil marriages.

Besides all that was mentioned other issues in family law are also handled by us, For example: signing divorce agreements, prenuptial, postnuptial agreements, joint ownership agreements, paternity tests and so on ….


Medical Malpractice


Our office has represented successfully many clients, who have fallen victims to a medical malpractice by practitioners.

Unfortunately doctors and hospitals, tend to blur the picture of what had happened by saying to the victim patients that the injury or flaw was not the result of a medical malpractice, but rather a result of circumstances, such as genetics, sensitivity and other excuses, while blurring the fact that it was in fact a result of a medical malpractice.

One of the most difficult cases of medical malpractice that our office has treated is the case of a woman that arrived to the delivery room.

The Medical staff had connected the woman to a monitor, but unfortunately the embryo entered a state of an embryonic distress as a result of the umbilical cord being wrapped around the embryos neck. The embryo began to suffocate… instead of giving the woman and her baby an immediate medical treatment, the medical staff sent her to the waiting room, which resulted in the baby's suffocation that led to its death. After leaving the pregnant woman in the waiting room with the baby in distress for a while, the staff decided to move her to the delivery room and operate to take out the dead baby. A  CPR was done to the baby, and luckily the baby returned to life but with a cerebral palsy because its brain has been deprived from oxygen for a while which caused severe damage to brain cells.

After an extremely tiring move against the hospital and insurance company, our attorneys succeeded in proving that the newborn's disability was a result of a medical malpractice.

As a result our office won the case and the client received compensation of 6 million shekels from both the insurance company and the social security.

Hopefully, medical malpractice won't occur in the future, but if you or any of your acquaintances have been a victim to an inadequate treatment or medical malpractice, you are welcomed to contact us for a free consulting and guidance towards knowing your full rights.


Criminal Law

Criminal Law

In many of the cases that we have treated so far, the charges have canceled and the defendant was proven innocent.

The legal proceeding defends the suspect and reserves his/her rights.

The bill of indictment is just the beginning, and if you believe that you are innocent ,and have not committed any crime, do not give up and keep fighting until you are proven not guilty.

Proving anyone is guilty isn't something obvious. Remember this and do not feel as a victim that must consent to everything. No matter where exactly you are standing right now, you still have rights, just do not give up!

 Indictment bill of murder, killing, robbery, and drug dealing are big titles and proving them isn't trivial at all, so you are innocent till proven otherwise.

The court isn't against you, but part of its job is to ensure that legal procedures take place that promises winning the case and proving the defendant is not guilty, in case that the prosecutor or the state fail to prove the defendant is guilty.

My best advice to my clients is that they should believe in them-selves and in the legal proceedings and the legal system.

DUI & Traffic


Transportation: (you are innocent until proven otherwise).

Being stopped and handed a traffic report by the traffic police, doesn't always imply that you have indeed committed felony. Policemen are prone to err like anyone, and in many cases the felony that was reported by the policeman is annulled.

Even if there is an indictment bill, there is no certainty that the accused person is really guilty- in many cases it appears that the traffic police was wrong, and the bill is dropped.

If you were caught for over speeding, there is still the option for a legal procedure in which there is a chance that the speed report/indictment will be dropped.

If you were accused of driving in a red light/traffic sign, there is an option of having a legal procedure in which part of the counts can be annulled.

You are innocent until proven otherwise.

Road Accidents

Road Accidents

Unfortunately, road accidents are a cause of grief for many people in our society, but if such an unfortunate accident is to happen, one should be compensated properly for being involved in a road accident.

The insurance companies, for obvious reasons, try to minimize the compensations they give. In some cases, they try to minimize it to the extent of trying to avoid giving any compensation and not recognizing the damages. But handling the case by a staff of proficient attorneys in this field will guarantee winning the deserved compensation.

We also should mention that, it's important not to forget to take care of what the client deserves from the national insurance institute, especially when the alleged case is a work accident, which should be handled within the lawsuit